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How It Works.

Ground Breaking Private Aviation

Conexia Aviation is unparalleled.

A highly personalized exclusive experience.



The Needs Assessment Process.

To guarantee maximum value for our members, we assess your individual needs and tailor a program and aircraft focused on your unique travel requirements. This solution is flexible and can be readjusted if your needs change over time.

A Conexia expert will work with you, one-on-one, assessing your unique travel requirements based on the following guidelines:

  • Anchor airport/city
  • How many hours do you or those affiliated with you fly per year
  • How many travelers travel with you or on your behalf
  • How often are you required to travel at the last minute
  • Are your travel dates and times flexible
  • Is the concept of sharing flights with other Conexia members interesting to you
  • What is your annual air travel budget
  • What are your top flight destinations


Conexia is a dream come true.
Phillipe C.



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Different Ways To Fly

Conexia Aviation members are offered four (4) distinct seat-based ways to fly that offer different levels of flexibility and empty seat responsibilities. This allows our members to share flights together anonymously and in complete confidentiality.


1. Organize a flight of their own and have the choice to share it or not.

Ideal for members needing all the flexibility to choose departure and arrival airports at a specific date and time. Needing the possibility, if desired, of using the full aircraft for on board meetings or more privacy.  


2. Book seats on a flight that has been shared by another member.

Ideal for flexible travelers not needing the liberty to organize flights at specific dates/times. Flights organized by members who have decided to share available extra seats on flight are available anonymously to all Conexia members.


3. Book seats on a Conexia Positioning flight.

Ideal for flexible travelers not needing the liberty to organize flights at specific dates/times. It costs nothing to position an aircraft to your desired airport. We make available any empty flight for our members to register seats on them.


4. Book seats on a Conexia Loop Flight, which is similar to scheduled flights.

Ideal for travelers needing a fixed departure date/times to plan meetings in advance, and not desiring the risks of organizing a flight. The Conexia Loops are similar to scheduled flights.




Collaborative Flight Platform

The Conexia Aviation model operates on our state of-the-art web-based Collaborative Flight Platform, which centralizes all member operations for smooth, worry-free service to ensure that members and their passengers benefit from:

  • Anonymous member interactivity
  • Flight organizing
  • Flight Searching (External Flights, Conexia Empty Flights and Conexia Loop)
  • Seamless flight sharing throughout the Conexia network
  • Sale/purchase of unused Seat/Hours
  • Automatic flight cost (Seat/Hours)
  • Anywhere, anytime secure access


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