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Distinction Card.

Seat-Based Programs

Our Unique Jet Card

The Conexia Distinction Card is the only seat-based jet card program. This allows members to only pay for occupied seats instead of paying for full aircraft flight hours, as is the case in traditional private aviation models.

The Conexia Distinction Card is the answer if you are new to private aviation and do not want to be tied down to a long-term program. The Distinction Card program starts at 25 occupied Seat/Hours representing approximately five round trips for two people.

Distinction Card Members have access to the most comprehensive private aircraft fleet for every flight through aircraft interchange, ranging from turbo-props to large sized cabin aircrafts for a mission ideal aircraft.

The Conexia Distinction Card program allows you to pay as you go with no capital acquisition costs or long-term commitments. Enjoy a unique customized experience, along with safety, convenience, and comfort.


Program Details

  • Ideal for – Flexible periodic travelers
  • Initial Cost – Full card purchase
  • Monthly Cost – N/A
  • Particularity – Pay as you go, no acquisition fee or long-term commitment.
  • Program Terms – Card Seat/Hours valid for 24 months
  • Minimum Seat/Hours (S.H.) – 25
  • Response time – 24 hours
  • Peak Period Response time – 72 hours

Key Features

  • Pay as you go, no acquisition fee
  • No long-term commitment
  • Access to all aircraft types on the fleet
  • Unparalleled, personalized service
  • Precise cost predictability
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